Nour El Nahlawy

Nour El Nahlawy

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Nour is a Pharmacist and a Health Coach. She combines the expertise of the medical field with the experience of lifestyle modifications through health coaching. She helps women (aged 20-40) who struggle with hormonal problems (like PCOS, Hashimoto's thyroiditis and insulin resistance) and digestive problems (like IBS) which usually accompany many of the hormonal problems. 

By working with Nour, you will address your nutritional needs, exercise habits, career, relationships, spirituality, and many more issues that are specific to your unique body. This is a holistic approach and NOT a temporary way to lose some weight (although this IS a great side effect of her 6-months program!). 


For more information, visit nourelnahlawy.com or follow Nour on social media:






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